Democrats say that this policy ensures that everyone in America has access to quality healthcare. They claim this plan would save the average American money by eliminating health care costs.

Republicans say this policy means a large tax increase for the average American. They claim that with this policy, Americans wouldn't be able to keep the health insurance they have.

Would you be for or against this policy?

Note: The tax increases used for this question we’re taken from Vermont’s attempt to implement single payer

Question Wording for the Medicare Buy-In (N=6490)

Democrats in congress are proposing a policy where any American can choose to purchase Medicare. Democrats say this will provide all Americans with an affordable high quality health insurance option.  Republicans say this will lead to a government takeover of healthcare and consumers losing their current health insurance plans. Do you support or oppose this policy?

The topline national results and crosstabs by 2016 vote choice are shown in the image below