Give Smart Wrap Up


So how did we do? Well we raised $860,000 total, but we care far more about winning.

We directed donations to forty-six Give Smart candidates. Of those forty-six, twenty have officially won their races, while another six are too close to call or head for recounts (though we expect one race to officially be called for Democrats soon). One of those races that’s too close to call currently features a Democrat trailing by *eight* votes, total.

Of those forty-six races, forty of them were within ten points. Of our twenty winners, ten of them won by two percent or less. Win or lose, you were sending money where it was needed most.  

Democrats flipped seven state legislative chambers total, four of which (New York Senate, Minnesota House, Colorado Senate and New Hampshire Senate) we sent donations to.

And even in states where Democrats fell short of flipping chambers, your donations helped set them up for success in 2020, as the party is positioned well for chamber flips in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Iowa, North Carolina and maybe even Florida.

We’re proud of what we were able to do with so few resources and so little time.  And we’re going to build on it. We are discussing how we can use our movement going forward with various partners who we respect.

In the meantime, we feel like the best way to continue the conversations we have with you is over email, not social media. We promise those emails won’t be of the “Give us $100 or we kill this bunny” ilk.  Instead, we’re going to proceed with honesty, transparency and authenticity. And we’re going to focus on keeping you informed, not soaking you for money. You’re going to actually want to read what we have to say.

So check this space for information on our email list. Until then, you can find us online at @BobbyBigWheel and @SeanMcElwee.

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Bobby and Sean

Ethan Winter